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For any questions pertaining to this application, please contact: StFX Awards (

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My recommendation status is "Pending". What does that mean?
Answer: When requesting an external recommendation, the task will show as "Pending" before the recommender has submitted their recommendation. The task will be marked "Completed" when the recommender has submitted their recommendation.

Question: The dates/times associated with my submitted material seem to be a few hours off. Why is this?
Answer: This happens when we are unaware of your local timezone. Please set your timezone in your account settings page.
Scholarship Application Site FAQ
  1. How do I get started?
  1. Where do I find my StFX Email?
  • Your StFX email can be found in your StFX acceptance letter.
  1. Do I need to send anything to the scholarship office in a hard copy?
  • No. All steps of the application will be done online through the Scholarship Application Site.
  1. If I use a reference who prefers to send my letter of reference directly to the University, will I need to do anything or will St.FX add to my profile?
  • StFX will add all reference letters sent directly to the scholarship profile by third parties to scholarship profiles.
  1. Can I apply using a paper application for scholarships instead?
  • No. We will not accept paper copies of applications, students must go to the Scholarship Application Site and create a scholarship profile to be considered for scholarships.
  1. If I am a current student do I need to use the Scholarship Application Site?
  • Yes. All current students will need to login and complete the scholarship questionnaire and disclaimer.
  1. Once I create my scholarship profile what’s next?
  • You will be matched to scholarships based on the information provided in the questionnaire and your admissions application, any scholarships that require applications or additional information will be listed under “Your Awards” and will say “Apply Now”.
  1. How do I apply for the scholarships I am eligible for?
  • Use the step by step tutorial to guide you through the application process.  You can find the tutorial on the StFX webpage. Click "View Awards" to see what you are eligible for. 
  1. I have created a scholarship profile and it says I am eligible for scholarships but there is nowhere for me to Apply. What do I need to do?
  • Not all scholarships will require you to submit additional materials. If there are no additional tasks for you to complete please ensure your Grade 12 first semester transcript is submitted to the Scholarship Office before March 1st.
  1. Do I need to complete all the applications at once?
  • No. You are able to save the applications once they are started and complete at a later date.
  1. Once I upload my application materials such as my resume can I upload it again if I have changes to make?
  • No. Once your documents have been submitted they cannot be changed. If you have items you would like to add please email
  1. How many awards can I receive at one time?
  • Students are only eligible to receive one university nominated award at a time. If a student is eligible for more than one award they will be entitled to the higher of the two. All StFX Entrance and In-Course scholarships are University nominated. 
  1. I have created a scholarship profile but cannot see any scholarships I am eligible for, what do I do? (Have you clickedView Awards?)
  • If so, and you meet the three conditions below and do not see any eligible scholarships please contact
    • Applied and were accepted to StFX before March 1st
    • Created a profile at before March 1st
    • Have an average of 85% or higher
  1. How will I know if someone has received my application once submitted?
  • The scholarship application site will send an automatic email once the submission has been received. Please do not reply to the email as it is not a monitored StFX email account.
  1. How will I know if I have been awarded a scholarship?
  • You will receive an email that will ask you to log into and complete the acceptance tasks.
  1. How long will it take to receive an award?
  • No scholarships will be awarded before March 1st, students will be notified by email if they are selected for an award. All awards will be offered by mid April.
  1. Can I see what I have submitted for applications?
  • Yes, you are able to download and print off all application materials submitted.  

Technical problem? Please fill out a support request form for assistance.