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Benedict Mulroney Scholarship Fund

Entrance scholarship valued at $20,000 is awarded in equal amounts of $5,000 annually throughout four years of study. Students are required to have a minimum 96% average based on first semester grade 12 final marks to be considered. The recipient must be a Canadian student, either male or female, studying full-time for a first undergraduate degree.

This scholarship is renewable provided that the student meets the required academic average of 80%, and is enrolled in a minimum of 24 credits. If a student falls below 80% in their first year of study, students will have an opportunity to regain the scholarship for subsequent years provided they obtain 80%+ in their second year of study only. This scholarship is renewable for a maximum of four years, provided the specified terms are met as per the Academic Calendar.

The Benedict Mulroney Scholarship cannot be held in concurrent with other StFX major or entrance scholarships.